4 Life Lessons for Kids at the Legoland California Resort

The Legoland California Resort at Carlsbad in San Diego County, California, USA was surely built for kids and the kids at heart, the young ones and the young once. While premised largely on play, there are valuable life lessons the kids can learn by visiting the Legoland California Resort. And as experiential educators believe, play builds character and people can really know more of each other through an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation. Who said this is still subject of debate, but it holds true to this day.

I was able to visit the Legoland California Resort in early July 2016 with my siblings and their little kids. Upon my personal observation, here are ten (10) valuable life lessons that children can learn while enjoying their visit to this southern California theme park:

Legoland California Resort in San Diego CA USA
Having fun

1. Respecting Diversity

Visiting Legoland California Resort exposes the young to the diversity of this world. They meet people from all kinds of backgrounds and that is a good thing. It will help kids appreciate and respect differences between them and kids or people who have many differences with them, be it language, ethnicity, gender, etc.

2. Patience

Sometimes, queues can really be long at the Legoland California Resort specially on weekends, holidays, and the summer. It is a good way for the little ones to develop their patience.

3. Obeying Rules and Regulations

Legoland California Resort has rules and regulations that everyone must follow. It is a kind of transactional atmosphere where those who do not follow rules do not get rewarded. I have also seen many parents dealing with their kids in a transactional way while at the resort positively reinforcing good behavior and punishing the opposite.

4. General Knowledge

The Legoland California Resort is a great place to teach kids about general information and popular informational tidbits about art, history, science, and a lot of other categories. Imagine telling your kids a story about Albert Einstein when you walk by his face made of Lego pieces.

Legoland California Resort in San Diego CA USA
Albert Einstein's face made of Lego play pieces

Or introducing the young ones to characters of the Star Wars movie franchise.

Maybe, you will also find yourself answering questions about The Thinker where the resort has a replica of the bronze sculpture made of Lego play pieces.

Legoland California Resort in San Diego CA USA
The Thinker Lego play pieces replica

How about something more relevant to California: the history of the Gold Rush while playfully pretending to pan gold and other treasures.

Legoland California Resort in San Diego CA USA
Panning for "gold", just like the Gold Rush

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