Best Lumpia: A Filipino Restaurant in Stockton, California

There's but a few Filipino restaurants operating in Stockton, California. One of the more popular is Best Lumpia. This restaurant is located at the Thornton Plaza along Thronton Road.

I was introduced to this place because the family frequently ordered their party trays whenever there is an occasion to celebrate. The usual party trays they order are the pork barbecue, pork menudo, and pancit.

We dropped by one time to check out what else they had to offer. The best way to sample various dishes at one place is to order combination plates. We had two of those specials during lunch. 1 plate had 3 pieces of lumpia, a cup of steam rice, pancit, and pork barbecue. The other plate had inihaw na baboy, pancit, steam rice, and dinuguan.

combination plate from Best Lumpia
Regular combo, $7.99

Prior to dining at Best Lumpia, I have already been a big fan of their pork barbecue. The closest thing that comes to it is the beef barbecue from Ono Hawaiian. I expected the lumpia to be good since this seems to be their specialty as their name suggests. And yes, it is good. The pancit they serve is what we know as bam-i. Cebuanos love this kind of noodle dish. It had generous amounts of shrimp and meat in it.

combination plate from Best Lumpia
Double entree combo, $8.75

The inihaw na baboy or roasted pork is just like the pork barbecue minus the barbecue sauce. The dinuguan was meaty. I tasted more meat than the pig's organs in it. I'll do a double take on that. It did taste good. Yet my taste buds were also looking for that familiar taste of pig's organs in dinuguan.

Best Lumpia Party Trays and Take Out Orders

When ordering party trays, you may have to order in advance. A lot of people order them and you may need to order days ahead at times. My family usually orders the pork barbecue and menudo from Best Lumpia. Other dishes in their menu are pork adobo, chicken adobo, sweet and sour dishes, chop suey, kaldereta, and pinakbet. They also have a lot of variety in their lumpia. It can either be pork, beef, chicken, vegetable or shrimp. I also heard the fresh lumpia is good here. That's one thing I want to try next.

My sister also took home some lechon kawali from Best Lumpia one time. I must say it was really good. The crunch in their lechon kawali is not only limited to the rind. Even the meat itself is crunchy. The portions at Best Lumpia are usually smaller than what I'm used to in other California restaurants so you might want to take note of that when ordering.

Location and Contact Information of Best Lumpia

Address: 9305 Thornton Plaza Suite J, Thornton Road, Stockton, California 95209
Telephone Number: 209 952 8300
Fax Number: 209 952 1395
Business Hours:
  • Monday to Saturday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12 noon to 7 p.m.
Have you tried the dishes at Best Lumpia? Which ones are your favorites? You may tell us in the comments below.
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