Aki's Food To Go: A Filipino Restaurant in Manteca

We chanced upon a humble Filipino grocery and cafeteria in Manteca one time. The place is called Aki's Food to Go and Oriental Grocery. It's probably the only Filipino food place in Manteca. This was the second restaurant I ate at in Manteca. The first one was at New China Restaurant.

For early dinner, we ordered two combination plates with 2 entrees each. Each had a huge serving of steamed rice on it. For the entrees, we got pork sisig, mechado, inihaw na baboy, and igado. Ilocano influences are evident in the dishes that they serve. After we ate, we also ordered more pork sisig, inihaw na baboy, and pork adobo for take out. We also bought some Philippine brand chocolates from their grocery.

There is a notice at the place that their menu changes daily. One constant is Crispy Pata on Saturdays. You do have to order them ahead and just pick it up on Saturday. The price for their crispy pata is $14.99 per order.

Their pork sisig is really good. The meat have bigger slices than the usual sisig I know. There's a great blend of flavors from sweet onions and the vinegar in it.

pork sisig at Aki's Food to Go
Pork sisig

The igado was also good. The sauce went well with the pork liver and meat in the dish.

igado at Aki's Food to Go

There was nothing special about their inihaw na baboy and mechado. I only got to taste the pork adobo when we got home. But oh boy! It was delicious.

Mechado at Aki's Food to Go

The chocolates we bought from the grocery though seemed like it's been there for a while. They probably don't move stuff from the grocery fast.

Contact Information

Address: 368 North Main Street, Manteca, California 95336
Telephone number: 209 629 8280

Have you tried the Filipino dishes at Aki's Food to Go in Manteca? How was your experience. You can tell us in the comments below.
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