5 Reasons To Stay at Generator Miami

As a budget traveler, I am always on the lookout for bargain deals. Whether it be food, hotel accommodations, experiences, or transportation, Saving some hard-earned money is always a good idea. In my recent visit to Miami in November 2019, I found a place to stay that charges as little as US$20 per night. I actually found it through my American Express membership rewards program.

Generator Miami

Generator Miami is Generator's first location in the United States of America. Located along Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, there are many reasons why you would want to stay here while visiting the Magic City and exploring the Billionaires' Sandbar. Let me give you my take on that.

Generator Miami along Collins Avenue
Generator Miami along Collins Avenue

Why Stay at Generator Miami Reason #1: The Beach is 100 Feet Away 

Located along Collins Avenue in the Mid-Beach district of Miami Beach, it takes less than 2 minutes to get to the beach from Generator Miami. The beach is literally across the street. Better yet, beach towels are complimentary. All you gotta do is drop your room key at the front desk, ask for your towel, get to the other side of Collins Avenue, a few more steps and you are at beach paradise.

The beach is across the street from Generator Miami
Thadz at Miami Beach, Florida

Why Stay at Generator Miami Reason #2: It is Very, Very Affordable 

The cost of a bed to stay the night at Generator Miami is as low as US$20 per night in a 6-bed dormitory-type room. During my recent visit, I stayed at a 4-bed dormitory and it cost me US$25 per night. On top of that is some taxes and a very minimal resort fee. The resort fee was less than US$20 for the 3 nights I stayed there. Sure there are cheaper options around. In fact, I've seen prices as low as US$15 per night on Expedia. And I'm pretty sure there are great bargains on AirBnB as well. But as it is, US$20-25 per night at a top tourist destination is already a good deal to me.

Why Stay at Generator Miami Reason #3: Stay at an Art Deco Building 

Known for it's Art Deco architecture, Miami Beach has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings anywhere in the world. Count Generator Miami among those buildings. Wouldn't be cool to stay at a historical building. Just leave out the spooky ghost stories and all will be well.

Why Stay at Generator Miami Reason #4: It's Right in the Middle of Everything 

Located right at the middle of the Billionaires' Sandbar, Generator Miami has great accessibility to places of interest around town. A northbound trolley stop is across the street. It is within 2 miles of a major shopping area. May restaurants can be found nearby.

Why Stay at Generator Miami Reason #5: Meet New Friends 

During my recent stay at Generator Miami, my roommates were from all over the world. The first was a New York resident who originated from Egypt. The second was an Italian enriching his understanding of the English language. And the third was a tourist from Russia. We had interesting conversations. I even had a few beers with the Italian chap.

Are you considering booking a room here? CLICK HERE to redirect to their website.

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