Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen: Good Chicken, Better Service Needed

While home to many Japanese restaurants, the city of Stockton in northern California also has several chicken places worth mentioning such as Jollibee, El Pollo Loco, Wing Stop, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

One of these places where to order some good old fried chicken is Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. One of them Popeye's stores happen to be a very short drive away from my new home and my family frequently buy chicken from that store.

Good Chicken at Popeye's

While I readily associate Popeye's with that spinach-obsessed sailor man cartoon character from my childhood, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen can most readily be associated with a flavorful and aromatic fried chicken that goes so well with their variety of sauces. The fried chicken can either come spicy or mildly-spiced. What I like about their chicken is how crunchy the skin is even after you let it set for a number of hours. We usually order our chicken with coleslaw salad and gravy (it's a Filipino thing). Occasionally, we order a side of buttermilk biscuits or some popcorn shrimps too.

Service at Popeye's Needs Improvement

Sometimes, the not so positive negate whatever is good about something. This seems to be a reality that may be associated with Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. At least in this 1 store in Stockton, California. You see, while the fried chicken is really good, the service could really use a huge lot of improvement. 

One time, when we went to order through their drive-thru, we paid the right amount for our order but got a few pieces of chicken less than what we paid for. Another time, I went inside their store. I can see part of the kitchen from behind the counter and it seemed like a mess. Even their manager on that shift had flour all over herself, it didn't look clean at all. A customer who was waiting for his order was complaining that it's been 20 minutes and he still did not get it. He demanded for a refund. They gave him the refund but the guy was obviously upset. The staff was apologetic, they mean well. But I think the issue is that they needed to have a better system to keep track of things and make sure everything is in order.

Free Chicken Offer Every 30 Days at Popeye's

Like most restaurants in the U.S., Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen also offers a freebie promotion in exchange for customer feedback. Information about this freebie promo is printed at the back of Popeye's receipts.  
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