Yerba Buena Gardens: Refreshing Green Space in San Francisco

While waiting for my job interview at a reputable tech company in San Francisco, I tried to look for a nearby space where I could spend my time and not be bored. I was also not trying to spend too much. So I knew I had to be at a public park somewhere. The nearest public park I saw on the map near where my interview happens is the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Bounded by Howard, Mission, 3rd, and 4th Streets, the Yerba Buena Gardens is a San Francisco public park that seem to be well-loved by its citizens. People do a lot of things in the gardens. Some pay tribute to popular activist Martin Luther King Jr. Others take a nap on the grassy field. 

Water is abundant in this park. I loved the welcome scent of water dropping on concrete as I entered the park from 3rd Street. The 3rd street entrance featured a pool of water surrounded by fountains. One part of the park is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial adorned by man-made waterfalls.

The fountains at Yerba Buena Gardens
Fountains at the 3rd Street entrance

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at Yerba Buena Gardens
Man-made waterfalls at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Fitness activities are also popular. Walking and jogging is particularly popular. I saw someone do some tai chi or qi gong. I'm pretty sure some yoga enthusiasts also visit this place. Note though that bicycles, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed. The only wheeled conveniences allowed in the park are babies' strollers and wheelchairs.

Also note that pets are not welcome at the park. Flying drones, kites, lanterns, or balloons are also not allowed. Service animals that aid persons with a disability are welcome.

For security, I saw a cop on a bike patrolling the area. People are also generally nice in this area and that is somehow reassuring.

There's a lot of green beauty in this park too. They have a very wide grassy field where people have picnics, take naps, do some exercises, and watch performances on an outdoor stage.

The outdoor stage at Yerba Buena Gardens
View of the outdoor stage

While sitting on bench, I also noticed a flower garden. And there are flowers planted elsewhere in the park.

a flower garden at Yerba Buena Gardens
Beautiful flowers at the park

From the park, one can also witness some of the amazing architecture that characterizes San Francisco. One can see the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or SF MOMA on the 3rd Street side. At the Mission Street side, one can see Saint Patrick's Catholic Church. And from within the park, one can marvel at the beautiful San Francisco skyline.

The Saint Patrick's Church seen from the Yerba Buena Gardens
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church seen across Mission Street

The one thing I wish they added to this park is a public restroom. While I did see one indicated in the park map, I wasn't able to find it so I had to go inside Metreon to answer the call of nature.

Have you been to the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco? We'd love to hear about your experience. You may tell us in the comments below.
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