Papaya Grill: A Filipino Restaurant in Brentwood, CA

I came across another Filipino Restaurant in Northern California. The name: Papaya Grill. It is located at a sprawling commercial complex in the city of Brentwood. I came here after I was invited for a job interview at nearby Oakley.

Breakfast at Papaya Grill Filipino Restaurant

I came for brunch. It was basically high noon and lunchtime but I haven't eaten breakfast yet that day. Besides I was craving for the typical Filipino breakfast fare. It was a Wednesday. A lucky day for me perhaps because breakfast meals drop $2 off their prices on Wednesdays. From the typical $8.50 price, it went down to $6.50. I ordered the longsilog meal.

Longsilog at Papaya Grill Filipino Restaurant

This is what I loved the most during my visit. The longganiza was not as delicious as the ones I have from the Philippines. But I'm not complaining as the serving sizes were large. Just enough for my big appetite. And hey, it tastes good nonetheless. It just tasted different in a pleasant way. I did wish they put a little more salt on the scrambled eggs.

Daily Specials 

Depending on the day of the week, Papaya Grill serves daily specials. You do not see these specials on their menu. On the day I walked in, their specials for the day were sizzling gambas and pork sinigang. I ordered the pork sinigang. Unfortunately, they ran out of it. In fact, they had no soup dish available for the day. Funny how that happens and they still listed the item on the board as a special for the day.

Lechon Dishes

Papaya Grill sure knows Filipinos love lechon. Their menu is dominated with lots of lechon dishes. I ordered lechon kawali and lechon kare-kare.

Lechon kawali at Papaya Grill Filipino Restaurant
Lechon kawali

The lechon kawali had the right crunch to it. The portion size is good for 2-3 persons. There's a need for them to perfect this dish though. I still sensed the meat's pungent odor on the pork dish. You can buy this at a decent price of $12.50.

Lechon kare kare at Papaya Grill Filipino Restaurant
Lechon kare-kare

The lechon kare-kare was the usual Filipino curry dish. It had the delicious peanut sauce, an array of vegetables, and a side of bagoong alamang or shrimp paste. Only it had lechon kawali as meat accompaniment instead of the traditional ox tripe or oxtail. On a personal note, I'd prefer to order this instead of the lechon kawali. You get lechon kawali in this dish anyway. And probably because of more spices, I didn't sense a hint of the pungent odor I had with the lechon kawali. You can buy this at $14.95 for one order. One order can feed 2-3 people.

Have you tried the dishes at Papaya Grill Filipino Restaurant? What are your favorite dishes? You may tell us in the comments section below.
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