The Crab Zone in Stockton, CA: Enjoy Crabs and Shrimps

The Boiling Crab is insanely popular for its crabs and shrimps that it has drawn a lot of wanna be competitors. Two of these wannabe's are Joe's Crab Shack and The Crab Zone. I've tried The Boiling Crab in the past and it was awesome. I now live in Stockton, California, USA and the nearest Boiling Crab store is in Sacramento, some 40 miles north of where I currently reside or at least a 40-minute drive from my new home. 

So one time when me and my brother were craving for that The Boiling Crab flavor, we decided we'll try the local restaurant that offers much of the same on their menu. The Crab Zone is a local restaurant located at 3240 East Hammer Lane, Stockton, California, USA. In this era of wanton franchising, I always get excited to try and eat local.

The Crab Zone
The Crab Zone

I also searched similar places in town but the closest that came to it was Red Lobster which had franchises in several cities. So the choice was quite easy as we have always wanted to eat local and so off to The Crab Zone we went.

Crabs and Shrimps at The Crab Zone

My brother and I ordered the same set of dishes we always order at The Boiling Crab: king crab legs and shrimp in a bag. We got a pound for the king crab legs and ordered 3 pounds of head-on shrimps. We told them we want both orders with original Cajun sauce as we did not want it too spicy.

What we love about our order was how easy it was to eat the crab meat. They had the legs cut up in small pieces and they also sliced through the shell so the meat can easily be accessed. The flavor was good except that it was too salty. This was true specially for the crabs. The next time I'm dining here, I'll make sure to tell them ahead of time to have less salt on my orders when I place them.

king crab legs from the Crab Zone
King crab legs in spicy sauce

The shrimp also lacked consistency as some were overcooked, some were a little bit raw, and a few were just cooked right. Here's where I say if you want better shrimps in a bag, nothing still beats getting it at The Boiling Crab. I mean, my brother and I can cook better tasting shrimp dishes too at a way cheaper cost than what we had here.

They gave us really spicy sauces too. I mean, I don't mind eating spicy but I just preferred a milder spice at that time and they got our whole order wrong.

Now, I don't wanna sound like it's a big deal. The food was good and we consumed everything, or maybe that's just how much we love seafood too. However, they will do really good when they can address these minor issues.

The pricing was also kind of expensive although we did order outside of crab season. It will be interesting to know how much the price drops when it's crab season.

Contact Information for The Crab Zone

Street Address: 3240 East Hammer Lane, Stockton, California, USA 95212
Telephone Number: 209 477 9111
Business Hours: 3:30-9:30 p.m. Daily
Facebook Page: The Crab Zone

Have you tried the seafood at The Crab Zone in Stockton? How was your experience? You may tell us in the comments below.
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