Cheap Eats at Hong Kong Restaurant in Modesto

I was in Modesto, California recently for a certification course on CPR, AED, and standard first aid. After the 3-hour Saturday class, I looked for an Asian place to eat. I first searched for Filipino restaurants in the area. But could only find a Filipino bakery in the city. So I searched for Asian restaurants in Modesto on Google Maps. I got attracted to Hong Kong Restaurant with images of dim sum dishes in my mind. 

First, I went to buy some bread from the Gold'n Fresh, the Filipino bakery. Then I went on to eat lunch at Hong Kong Restaurant at the Crossroads Shopping Center. It's a Chinese restaurant of course as the name obviously states. And it wasn't a dim sum place.

I ordered a combination plate which they called the chef's delight. I also ordered a bowl of shrimp won ton soup. Prices were decent, around $7.00 for each order. I paid less than $15.00 for my meal including a bottled drink. And so I thought I'd devour that entire meal by myself.

The shrimp won ton soup got served first and to my big surprise, that thing could feed 4 people. Lots of won ton and shrimps in it. It also had cabbage, bok choy, and carrots. The taste was okay. It not extraordinary but okay. I finished barely a third of that.

Shrimp won ton soup
Shrimp won ton soup

Then came my main meal: the chef's delight combo plate. This one had 3 slices of fried chicken, fried rice, and pork chow mien. If you have tried chow mien from China Express, it's probably the same taste profile. I prefer the China Express fried chicken over this one though as it is crispier. But this one was good too.

Chef's delight
Chef's delight combo plate

If there are 2 good things that will make me come back to this restaurant, it is the huge serving portions and the decent pricing.
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