Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge on Foot

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most recognizable landmark of San Francisco, California, USA. It is also one of the most iconic landmarks of the United States of America. Along with New York's Statue of Liberty, it is among the most popular of American symbols.

I had the chance to visit the orange-hued suspension bridge on a foggy day in July 2016 when I went on a day trip with my siblings to the Bay Area. The first stop of that trip was at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California USA
Golden Gate Bridge

Parking Space Is Scarce

Like the rest of San Francisco, finding a parking space near the Golden Gate Bridge is a real challenge. We tried our luck at the parking area near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center but there were just so many cars, too many tourist buses,  so we decided to look for a parking area nearby. The closest ones were either full, closed or restricted to employees. We finally found a spot near the Presidio.

Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center 

Our first stop at the tourist attraction was at the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center. I was freezing cold so I had to buy a jacket at the souvenir store.

Battery Lancaster

At the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge, most tourists take photos at Battery Lancaster. With many people taking a picture here, it's a bit hard to take a photo by yourself so you'll have to be contented at taking photos with people in the background.

Joseph Strauss Plaza 

In between the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center and the Golden Gate Bridge itself is the Strauss Plaza, a memorial dedicated to Joseph Strauss who was the chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge. At the plaza stands a statue in memory of Strauss. An outdoor exhibit is about the famous suspension bridge can also be accessed nearby.

Crossing the Bridge on Foot 

One of the popular activities tourists do on the bridge is to cross the bridge on foot or pedaling a bicycle. We crossed the bridge on foot from the San Francisco side to the Sausalito side on Marin county. My brother timed it and he crossed the 2,700 meter distance in approximately 28 minutes. I took a little longer as I stopped several times to take pictures and enjoy the view.

Vista Point and the Lone Sailor Monument 

The other side of the Golden Gate Bridge opposite San Francisco is the city of Sausalito which is part of Marin County, California. At the foot of the bridge is a vista point, one of several in the area. The Lone Sailor Monument stands in the middle of that area. The monument is dedicated to all Americans who have served in the navy, coast guard, and the merchant marine fleet around the world as San Francisco Bay was a common exit point for these sailors.

Battery Spencer

Wanting to get a closer look of the Golden Gate Bridge, I went with a brother to Battery Spencer, probably the closest one could get to take a good photo with the Golden Gate Bridge on the background. We had to make sure we only walked on the trail as the earthworks are being preserved and that snakes were also spotted on the grassy areas. 

Battery Spencer in itself has some historical significance as a 19th century Fort Baker concrete battery. Work is still being done towards preserving it.

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